2kre8_teeshirt_2To date one, of the best forms or advertising is a Tee Shirt! Your company name or image is seen by untold numbers of potential customers! IF.. its cool enough to wear. That's were I come in.

All of my shirt designs are originals. I DO NOT reuse the design or sell the design to another client. You get the files and may reprint the shirt as often as you wish. I can design for more than just tee shirts! I can sweat shirts, long sleeve tee shirts, and more. 

I have place a few sample shirts on this page . More sample can be found on the FEATURED WORKS page and on the SHIRT DESIGN page.




This is just the design cost. I can help you locate a legit screen printer and walk you through the basics of screen printing. You will be provided with the appropriate files needed to have you shirts printed.


Together we talk through what you are looking for design wise.

We set a timeline and due date. Custom shirt design takes a minimum of TWO WEEKS. The artwork and layout is original that takes time.

I will send you updates so you can see the shirt in progress and we can make changes on the go.

When complete you get all the files  you need to print the shirt.

You own the shirt it's yours to reproduce.


2kre8_contact_miss_listnerIf your ready to get shirt designed for your company go ahead and contact 2KRE8 today! If you would like to know more about the process or have questions hit the button below and contact 2KRE8 today!