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Johnson Creek Year Book Help

I was approached by a few members of the year book committee. There goal was to naturally out do the class before them, So they called me in to get some professional advice. I was more than happy to lend a hand. I sat down with them and helped them define a deadline, what elements were important to them and what elements they had to have on the cover. Next we talked about the importance of a good type font and how that come into play. Our next conversation discussed colors. Once we defined all of the parts, time frame and what print requirements are I gave them two weeks to get it all together.

We met one more time and I helped them bring it all together. They learned a lot about design and what it takes to come up with a finished product. Working with teens was also a learning curve for me but I treated the project like any other and explained the process like I would to any client. Another great project that reinforced the need for professionals to get involved with the community the work in. You could inspire a young adult to take interest in your field. In my case further expose another side of the arts to a group that didn’t realized Graphic Design was another option in the art field.

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