Talking Design with 2nd Graders

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Talking Design with 2nd Graders

I was invited to speak to the Johnson Creek Elementary 2nd grade classes about Graphic Design for Career Day.  Talking to a client about graphic design is one thing, talking to a group of seven and eight year old students is a different ball game.

My goal going in was to explain what I do and may be get one or two kids interested in art. I talked to them for about a half an hour about what I do and how graphic design is all around us. I then took on a few questions. Okay maybe a lot of questions. I was taken back by how well they understood what I was talking about and how on topic their questions were.

When I left the class I truly felt I got through to a few of them. A few days later I received a large envelope filled with thank you letters from the 2nd grade class. After reading them I then realized the impact I made and how  giving up an hour of my time can make a difference and open a new world of opportunity to  a child.

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